Since 1991 Positive Growth has offered residents and commercial properties an all natural alternative to chemical lawn and shrub treatment.  We have specifically designed programs that target building and improving the health of the soil.  A lawn is not healthy unless the soil is healthy.  Organic treatments provide a balanced soil that is more stress resistant and more drought tolerant.  Healthy soil requires less watering and is more disease and pest resistant.  Treatment products are completely safe, natural and non toxic!

What kind of treatments are applied?   We use high quality, natural composted fertilizers, soil conditioners, compost, humus, humic acid, fish emulsion, seaweed, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, corn glutton, and other natural fertilizers for lawns and shrubs.  During the year, 5 fertilizing treatments are applied in granular form or as foliar spray.  These organic products help break up compacted soil which activates and release nutrients in the soil.  As a slow-release nutrient supply, organic fertilizers enrich the soil with organic matter which improves the soil and increases the soil's capacity to hold water and nutrients.  The main focus is to return the soil to its natural balance by adding more organic matter.

Why choose organics over chemicals?   Chemicals are society's answer to a quick-fix solution.  Synthetic fertilizers are salt-based chemicals which force feed the plants.  This interferes with the breakdown of organic matter, and will eventually deplete the soil of any soil life.  By using organic materials over several seasons, the soil becomes properly balanced.  Organic matter increases and stimulates microbial activity.  This activity digests into the formation of humus.  Thatch is broken down, aerification improves, pH is balanced, and important trace elements are rebuilt.  It also makes lawns more drought-tolerant and disease resistant.

Children and Pets?   Total organic treatments are COMPLETELY SAFE for children and pets.  We use the most environmentally safe products available natural and non toxic.

How will it affect weeds?   Weeds are a sign of stress in the turf area.  The first step is to improve the soil.  Healthy soil produces health plants, thereby choking out weeds and preventing germination of weed seeds.  Most weeds love compacted soil.  Aeration greatly reduces compaction and the use of herbicides. 

What are my options for weed control?   If weeds are a major concern for you you have several options.  Corn Glutton is a natural deterrent for weeds and can be utilized as a pre-emergent for weed control.  You can add this to your all natural program.  A second option would be to cautiously utilize herbicides only in the affected areas.  A third option would be to utilize a chemical pre-emergent in the spring and fall.  This combined with our 5 step organic fertilizer program is obviously not all natural but is definitely a much better alternative to a total chemical lawn program.  OR lastly you have the option of pulling the weeds by hand.  We will work with you to put together a customized program that will best fit your needs and wants in a lawn.  We emphasize the use of natural alternatives whenever possible in order to protect you, the environment, and the applicators.

Do I need to aerate my soil?   Aeration is a mechanical way to help rehabilitate the soil by introducing air and organic matter into the soil.  Aeration is commonly neglected.  This process relieves compacted soil, one of the major causes of weeds.  By physically changing the soil structure, we can rebuild the soil to help rejuvenate the lawn.  Once the ideal lawn is achieved, microorganisms will provide this service naturally.

Will the program work for my shrubs and plants?   You bet!  The organic all natural does extremely well for your shrubs!  Typically we prescribe a 5 step fertilization program for your beds.  During the 5 visits, we will inspect and analyze your shrubs to make sure that they are healthy and to make sure that they are free of pests and disease.  If disease or pests are present, we will contact you and formulate a plan for additional treatments.

How much does it cost?   Costs vary based on the size of your lawn and beds as well as the number of applications per year. 

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